Saturday, December 8, 2012

Marax Mini CDR Releases

The Muchausen Sound label, run by Eric Crowe, has been putting out a bunch of 3" cdr's, most of them split releases featuring Marax, Crowe's long-running sound project, and other international noise acts. They are all ultra-limited, probably out of print by the time you read this since most of them seem to be in editions of only 12 copies! These are very interesting little releases with real nice graphics on the cover inserts. Marax puts away the atmospheric, horror-industrial approach he is sometimes known for and stays in a severe and punishing  PE/HNW mode. Track titles such as "Tumult OF The Mind" and "Ad Nauseam Of Rage" show the philosophical direction of his work on these mini cdr's. Coma Centauri (Brandon Clark, Japan) performs raging, extremist pedal  and contact mic noise;  Dao De Noize (Artem Pismenetskii, Ukraine) slow building synth sputterings and electroacoustics; Elle (Ludovica Corsini, Italy) molten, confrontational she-fuckery that seems to owe a debt to Debbie Jaffe's Master/Slave Relationship; Distant Trains (Charles Hoffman, USA) with a fascinating lo-fi, bedroom approach utilizing odd voice clips, distorted guitars, all sorts of kitchen sink ephemera; and Molting (Moe Lest(h)er, USA) conjuring up whirling, electronic firestorms. To check on availability contact Muchausen Sound HERE.

Mini CDR (Muchausen Sound MS 09; Ltd; USA) 2011 

MARAX/DAO DE NOIZE - Untitled (Split)
Mini CDR (Muchausen Sound MS 36; Ltd; USA) 2012

MARAX / ELLE - Untitled (Split)
Mini CDR (Muchausen Sound MS 34; Ltd; USA) 2011

MARAX /MOLTING - Untitled (Split)
Mini CDR (Muchausen Sound MS 36; Ltd; USA) 2011

MARAX/DISTANT TRAINS - Napalm Zombie (Split)
Mini CDR (Muchausen Sound MS 06; Ltd; USA) 2011

Marax Rabbit In The Log Excerpt

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