Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amigo, Crippling Deficincey, Charles Rice Goff III, Michael LaGrega, Pregnant Spore, Thirteen Hurts

 AMIGO - On The Sun 2xCDR 
(Self Released; USA) 2012

Amigo, from Flint, Michigan is Tim Flynn, the drummer for many Flint punk bands: Rats Of Unusual Size, The Freakies, Drat, etc. This is his first noise release, to my knowledge, but quickly establishes Amigo's humorous stance against the self-serious noise artist cliché. "On The Sun", the sole track on the album, is a joke- the track begins as our protagonist combusts when his wormhole sets him down smack dab in the middle of our solar system, and is gone in six seconds! After that, you'll be glad you've got the "Demos and Outtakes" disc that comes with this: a half hour's worth of guitar feedback and FX pedal experiments. Amigo's musical approach is akin to such artists as Emil Beaulieau, Crank Sturgeon, and other neo-dadaist noise performers. At the Flint Festival of Noise, in October, Amigo began his performance onstage, played for less than 10 minutes, then abruptly picked up his suitcase of gear and a battery powered mini-amp still blurting out feedback, walked out of the venue and down the street until he was out of sight! it's that kind of irreverence that is sometimes needed to keep it real in any art/music scene. I don't know if Amigo has an official site, but there is a Soundcloud account HERE. 


 CRIPPLING DEFICINCEY - I Am Terror's Snootiness CDR
(Self-Released; USA) 2011

Not much known about this project, no information available on the net, so can't say who is responsible for it, or where to acquire it. The name is pretty funny, that's not my misspelling. Sounding like a lot of noise releases I hear these days, possibly done with no-input mixer and scads of pedal FX with the occasional distorted vocal. Fairly heavy in places, definitely worth a listen. Write cripplingdeficincey at hushmail dot com.

Crippling Deficincey - Less Soft Habitat


PREGNANT SPORE - Experiments In Putrid Putrefaction Satisfaction CDR 
(Rainbow Bridge RB-124; USA) 2012

A Pregnant Spore release is always going to have the most extraordinary noise sounds. Maybe it's because the project founder, Justin Marc Lloyd, circuit bends so many of the pedal FX he uses in his gear setup. Whatever the case, his noise releases are among the most exciting out there."Experiments In Putrid Putrefaction Satisfaction" is no different, the spectrum of bass drones, squealing upper range pitches, and glitching, destroyed sounds form an extremely varied sonic canvas. The tracks on here don't sound the slightest bit "composed", but the randomness of these improvisations work for me as metaphors of cellular worlds, or electric charges feeding through networks of wires, things we can't necessarily make logical sense of. If still available get it HERE.

Pregnant Spore - Untitled

(Self-Released; USA) 2011

Richard Adams, aka Thirteen Hurts, released "Threshold" in 2011. This is a journey into extreme states of mind and body via noise. Very well textured compositions with rhythms emerging occasionally, not programmed rhythms, these are very primal and seem to have emanated from power electronics process, at times glitching uncontrollably, only maintaining time for moments before changing direction abruptly. Track 5, "Percolate", reveals the more controlled side of his improvising, as drones are stretched out in long form, with tonalities fluxing in and out of the mix, at 17+ minutes this is a very impressive slowly building electronic storm. Recommended! Get it HERE.


Four Compositions For The 2011 Kansas City Electro-Music Festival CDR 
(Taped Rugs Productions; USA) 2011

Charles Rice Goff III has been a name I have known since the early 90's when he had some of his electronic music released on the Ecto Tapes label out of Oklahoma. Charles is based in the Kansas City area and the music on this CDR was performed for the Kansas City Electro-Music Festival in 2011. These compositions were created in collaboration with Michael LaGrega who performs on synthesizer. The aesthetic here is one that Goff knows very well, he's been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years, equal parts space rock, avant garde and sound collage. Here he adds, as well, his voice in places, utilizing a vocoder effect. The vocal parts are hit-or-miss for me, but the compositions built up between sequenced parts and textural, sweeping synth tones sound very good. The use of turntable loops from rare records adds another interesting element to this music. Get it HERE.

(Taped Rugs Productions; USA) 2011
This release documents the preparation and development of themes to be performed at the Kansas City Electro-Music Festival in 2011(see review above). There are some differences in these compositions to the live performances but the overall sound is the same, a sort of throwback to space rock, ambient music and cassette underground weirdness. Get it HERE.


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