Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tapes: Arvo Zylo, Flesh Coffin, Hal Hutchinson, Matthew Reis, Orgasm Denial, Torturing Nurse, Vullmoxx, Zanstones

 TORTURING NURSE / 梅志勇 /  ORGASM DENIAL / 李剑鸿 - 4 Way Split 
(Fuzztape FT-001; Ltd 50; China) 2011

Earsplitting power electronics from several of my favorite Chinese noise artists. The Asian scene outside of Japan is really growing fast, very fresh stuff coming from that part of the world, and this is an exhilarating example! Get it HERE.

 FLESH COFFIN - Devil Worship In The Slaughterhouse  
(Out-Of-Body Records O-O-B R-002; Ltd 100; USA) 2011

Extremely lo-fi, yet harsh, junk noise combines with ambient textures and atmospheric soundscapes on this excellent cassette. Much to discover in Andreas Brandal's large discography, but this is my first encounter with his soundwork. A harrowing journey into the lunatic fringe. If still available, check HERE.

(Der Bunker Records; Ltd 100; U.K.) 2011

Hal Hutchinson leaves behind his junk metal and composes HNW sounds for this limited edition release. Extremely oppressive and unchanging wall of heavy static power electronics. Der Bunker Records label seems to have gone under, so probably best checking for this on Discogs.

(Community College Records CC038; Ltd 50; USA) 2011

Enigmatic foray into noise minimalism on this superb tape release from Matthew Reis. Tape deck hissing and gentle motor whirring become the background for this soundscape adventure, intercut with glitching noises, contact mic sounds and occasional noise crescendos. Studies in solitude, like being in abandoned factories with dripping water, rats scurrying, sounds of the pipes humming. Can't recommend this enough, but it is sold out. Originally on Community College Records, but better scope for this one on Discogs.

 ARVO ZYLO - Saint Street 
(No Part Of It; USA) 2011

Arvo Zylo's creative streak continues with this awesome foray into heavy noise and power electronics. Recommended! Check for it HERE.

VULLMOXX - Jektin Skvmm
(Mind's Eye Bloom Productions; Limited: USA) 2011

No paper cover or insert, no artist or title info- only a hand-painted shell on this cassette release by the mysterious Vullmoxx. This is the sound of death pains as expressed through distorted synths, no-input mixers and shortwave radios that create this yelping, croaking, screeching, and writhing soundscape. A helluva ride on this frantic and  powerful release! Check for this at Discogs.  

ZANSTONES -  Für Berlin
(Staaltape/ZH27 1106; Limited; Germany/USA) 2011

Zan Hoffman live performance at Staalplaat in Berlin, Germany in 2011. All sounds recorded in and around the city during the day/hours before the performance. Clanking, raking, battering, sirens, scraping metal, droning vocals and random electronics amongst all the clatter. Occasionally sounding like lo-fi gamelan orchestra with droning throat singers as Zan loops his vocals in real time in front of an audience. Excellent and recommended! Very limited, make inquiries to Staalplaat on this one: HERE.

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