Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MOONLIT SUN - Transmissions From Beyond, 2011

MOONLIT SUN (Night Of Solitude, No cat. #) Transmissions From Beyond (2011) Cassette

 Moonlit Sun, from Canada, is the industrial noise project of Jason Mauricio, a committed artist of the younger noise generation. Not a lot of material is available currently from this artist, but Mauricio has been primarily dedicated to recording for several years now, with less emphasis on releasing his work. Taking a purist approach, he often works with raw sound sources, recorded electroacoustically with contact microphones and little, if any, post effects. This tape, "Transmissions From Beyond", was created using scrap metals and, as it points out in the liner notes, "no computer based synthesizers or effects were used" in all but one of the 13 tracks here. Unlike fellow Canadian, Knurl, whose junk metal compositions explore  microbic/geologic worlds, or Hal Hutchinson's "Taste of Metal", which embodies the ancient ritualist aspect of scrap-metal, Moonlit Sun stands apart for it's stern metaphor of a dystopian society and the post-modern artist living in a complex but outwardly superficial environment. The vocal work on this is really interesting, only snatches of lyrics are readily discerned, so a lot of the overall vocal effect is that of another instrument in the mix. The strong use of live echoplexing creates in many tracks a sort of shuddering, warbled sound. Sounds move about freely in their environments. Often the tracks center on rhythm but these aren't drum machines playing samples, it's Mauricio bashing away at metal sheets or barrels. So there is a definite DNA here from classic 80's industrial music, like Test Department, except in this music the lyrics aren't rallying cries, but ghostly warnings, barely emerging from the surrounding mist, these cryptic and covert admonishments. Beautiful cover graphics inside and out. Recommended! Get it HERE.

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