Monday, April 2, 2012

ACCLIMATE - Songs For The Dead, 2011

ACCLIMATE (Samboy Get Help! Recordings) Songs For The Dead (2011) CDR

Acclimate's last album, "World's End", released early in 2011 (and reviewed HERE), displayed composer, Artemis K's, talents for creating lush soundscapes sandwiched between dynamic rhythmic sections. On this new release, "Songs For The Dead", the rhythms are, largely, foregone but replaced by a richer exploration of the cinematic aspects of his music. These deeply atmospheric sound worlds are created by all means of invention, synthesizer pads are drawn out into swelling ambient textures, samples are piled up, noises throb, drones seem to form out of these varied sounds but all around the stereo field are sonic events morphing into the aural equivalent of some kind of closed-eye hallucination. Indefinable, cutup voices frequently become a part of the textures, whispering, begging you to listen, small segments of emotional outbursts, sometimes the voices chastise and warn against an inevitable future. It occurs to me that these songs are not, so  much, "tributes" to the dead, as nothing sentimental can be found. Ending the album with the track, "Silence", however, cements the whole concept so perfectly, and it's a point well made.  Fans of Dark Ambient/Industrial genre will love this album. Limited to 100 copies. Get it HERE

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