Wednesday, December 29, 2010


KILLING BIRDS is my new blogzine. It consists of reviews and interviews with noise artists from around the globe. Often it is difficult to find reviews of cassettes and vinyl, so I will focus on those types of media, but I won't rule out reviewing media of all sorts, including net-label mp3 releases. Some, or even many of you, may be aware of my creative activities in the area of noise music as PBK. Less will be aware that I have been writing about and reviewing music throughout the last 25 years. I interviewed artists for Hal McGee's Electronic Cottage in the late 80's. Some of my concerns about racism and fascism in the noise scene were published in both Chemical Castration and Electric Shock Treatment(EST). Most recently I was writing reviews for the webzine, Heathen Harvest, before they ceased operation. At the archival Heathen Harvest site there is a short bio with links to all the reviews I wrote HERE.

KILLING BIRDS was created to review noise releases of a wide variety with the dual goal of enlightening fans and followers of this genre and also positively encouraging creative artists who often do not receive much meaningful feedback to their sound works. Another goal is to interview as many artists working in this genre as possible, to explore and contextualize the many approaches within the noise scene overall.

I will accept many types of media for review, including tapes, vinyl, CD/CDR, etc. All sound materials should be sent to:

Phillip B. Klingler
7992 Green Meadow Court
Jenison, MI 49428

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